Blooming January. Snowdrops, Jasmine and Hellebore blossomed in Crimea

Bloomed jasmine, hellebore, and even blossomed snowdrops. Despite the calendar winter, the spring has come to Crimea. The plants of the Botanical garden of the Crimean Federal University have revived three months earlier than usual. The citizens post photos of the plants in social networks and they are afraid that the cold can kill them.

As in one Marshak’s fairy tale! This phrase you can hear almost from everyone in this meadow. The spring primroses were opened up – snowdrops on the Christmas Eve. Their appearance was waited only in the early spring, but nature has decided to please the Crimeans earlier.

There is a yellow jasmine near the galanthus, it is the scientific name of the snowdrop,. Despite the cold it blooms everywhere and surprises with numerous bright yellow colors.

In addition, this is a hellebore. It’s another name is the Christmas rose. Flower do not afraid nor cold, nor snow, but its flowering in this period is surprising for the peninsula.

And so all over the Crimea. Many flowers woke up the roots. Even the buds of the rhododendrons and magnolias swelled in the gardens.

Due to the abnormally warm weather bulbous plants has begun to grow. Moreover, even though the Crimean are worried that fragile plants can be hitted by the cold, experts hasten to reassure them.

Bright colors attract attention. The Crimeans willingly make photos with gifts of an unusual winter. Numerous photos can be found on the Internet.

Daria Kashirina, Anton Kuznetsov “News 24” / Source

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