The passage of the Kerch Strait has now received the official name — the Crimean bridge

Crimean bridge – bridge from Russia to Crimea. Now, this name of the passage will be officially designated on all topographic maps and road signs through the Kerch Strait.

The name was chosen during a nationwide online vote. It lasted for one month and ended at midnight Moscow time.

Vladimir Putin was asked a question about the name of the bridge being under construction at a great press conference in 2016. In response, the president proposed to find out the opinion of Russians.

The organizers of the poll offered several options — Kerchensky, Vezhliviy (Polite), Friendship Bridge and some others. However, the majority still preferred the name of the Crimean.

This transport passage with a length of 19 kilometers will become the longest in Russia and one of the largest in Europe. Vehicular traffic is planned to be opened in the end of the 2018, and one more year later — it will be launched the railway.

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