Identified a German steamer sunk near Crimea

Archaeologists of the Black Sea Underwater Research Center identified the German cargo steamer Birgit sunk by Soviet aircraft in 1943 off the coast of Evpatoria.

It was discovered two years ago and has not previously been investigated. During the expedition, which took place at the end of 2017, the Crimean archaeologists succeeded in it’s identifying and establishing that it was really a steamer Birgit.

The deputy head of the Crimean state budgetary institution “Black Sea Underwater Research Centre” Victor VAHONEEV informed the TASS that the ship was at a depth of 20 meters. It was badly damaged, there was almost no central part at all. The bow and stern were well-preserved. There is a coupled anti-aircraft gun in good condition in the bow.

According to VAHONEEV, it was raised a stainless steel cookware with German hallmarks and dating 1941-1942 from the vessel.

The steamer Birgit originally belonged to Denmark, and after the capture of that country by the Nazis became part of the naval forces of Germany and was used as a transport ship. It followed in the convoy, which was accompanied by two gunboats and four high-speed landing barges. The convoy was attacked in June 1943 by the Soviet aircraft.


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