The highway “Tavrida”, the Crimean bridge and the Crimean history studies

The Eastern Crimean historical and cultural museum-reserve now for the entire year accepts to its collection the unique objects found during excavations on the Peninsula. And if earlier, during the planned archaeological expeditions number of finds was about 3 thousand, now due to the construction of the highway “Tavrida” and tracks to the Crimean bridge – their number has 5 times increased. As it was told today by the Director of the museum-reserve Tatiana UMRIKHINA, this year there have been accepted about 4 thousand finds, and the total number of found antiquities – about 15 thousand individual objects.

“The adoption” of the law of the Russian Federation should not take more than 4 months – during this time professionals need to “work out” the finding: to restore and to date it. The increased number of finds physically does not allow us to take such a large quantity of the exhibits. To read:

Panticapaeum has been taken “took” under the 24-hour security.  The museum is going to allocate additional rates for the restorers and to obtain funding for the creation of repositories of an open type in the following year. Tatyana UMRIKHINA noted that the most unique finds citizens of Kerch could see in March 2018 at the annual exhibition “Museum’s rarities”.


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