The maintenance of the Khan’s Palace roof in Bakhchisaray

The emergency works of the top-priority on the roof of the Khan’s mosque are going to be completed in March.

As it was explained by the General Director of the Bakhchisaray historical-cultural and archaeological museum-reserve Vadim MARTYNUK, there were apportioned 148 million rubles (2 500 000$) the on top-priority emergency works in the Khan’s Palace: for the renovation of roofs of the Khan’s mosque, and South building of the main building of the Palace.

However, due to unexpected expenses – amount for the purchase of beams for roofing has been increased, as it turned out that there were rotted old beams in a quantity much more than it was discovered at once – it is impossible to finish all the work in the mosque by March. Builders can not sew the roof from the inside, respectively, and to open the mosque for worship will not work for security reasons. To complete these works there are needed another 20 million rubles, and two months after the allocation of funds.

Full restoration of all 16 sites of the Palace it is necessary to spend 1.6 billion (27 500 000$). The staff of the museum has defended its feasibility study. But this amount is not included in the Federal target program for development of Crimea and Sevastopol, therefore, Republican authorities are looking for alternative sources of funding. The Head of the Crimean Republic Sergey AKSENOV promised to find the necessary amount.


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