81 thousand books in Crimean Tatar language

During 2017, the Ministry of education together with the publishing house “Enlightenment” has been prepared and published 36 items of the original textbooks on the Crimean Tatar language and Crimean Tatar literature for students of 1 – 9th classes. The total circulation amounted to 81.328 copies. For this 50 million rubles were allocated from the Crimean budget.

“For the first time this academic literature is presented in the form of educational-methodical set, which consists of a textbook in the native language and literature, anthology and a handbook for teachers (lesson planning). All publications are prepared with regard for the regional and ethno-cultural characteristics, in the colorful soft cover with illustrations, a variety of types of tasks presented on the basis of the modern teaching methods and requirements of the federal state educational standards”, — was told in the Minister of education.

New textbooks will be introduced at schools in January, students and teachers could use them for teaching and studying the Crimean Tatar language and literature.

The delivery of a large shipment of textbooks to the Crimea, and the opportunity to study in any of the three languages proves once again that the adopted  UN General Assembly resolution on 19 December 2017, according to which in the Crimea is not implemented right of the Crimean people to study their native languages, contains false information, underlined the Minister of education of Kazakhstan Natalia Goncharova.

“There is organized the study process in three official languages (Russian, Crimean Tatar, Ukrainian) and also created the conditions for learning 6 languages (Crimean Tatar, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Armenian, Greek, German) in educational institutions of Crimea. Today the government of Kazakhstan with the support of the government of the Russian Federation pays to the language issue significant attention, which Crimeans failed to achieve for many years. And in order to give an objective assessment of the situation with human rights in Crimea on education, we can only once again to invite a UN delegation to the Republic”, — explained the Minister.

According to the Ministry of education, schools were provided with the translated textbooks in the previous two years. There were published 66 units in total of the educational publications (textbooks, programs, etc.) in the Crimean Tatar language with a total circulation of 61 thousand copies. 46 million roubles  were assigned from the republican budget.


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