Crimean Tatars support Putin

The regional public organization “Kyrym birligi” and the Public Council of the Crimean Tatar people expressed support at the conference for the current president of the Russian Federation Vladimir PUTIN, who put forward his candidacy for the presidential elections on 18 March 2018.

At the meeting of the NGO “Kyrym birligi” and the Public Council of the Crimean Tatar People, that was dedicated to the support of candidates and was held today in Simferopol, it was unanimously recognized that Vladimir PUTIN is “our president and we do not see any other.” This was sincerely said by the head of the Crimean Tatar’s organization Seytumer Nimetullayev.

The audience – veterans of the national movement, representatives of science, education, culture – have fully supported Nimetullaev and expressed their readiness to hold the campaign in their areas of Crimea for the candidate to whom people believe.

“Finally we have been given the rehabilitation, which we had been waiting for 70 years, by the president. The Crimean Tatar language is now recognized at the state level, it became the third official language, that wasn’t done in the time of Ukraine, the construction of the mosque is being conducted day and night, personally, under the leadership of our president,” said Nimetullayev.

These life transformations the Crimean Tatars associated only with the name of Vladimir PUTIN. The organization “Kyrym birligi” says in the address to the citizens of the Republic of Crimea:

“We believe that today there is no worthier candidate who will be able to continue with carrying out extensive reforms in the country.”


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