Sevastopol increases payments to tutors and adoptive parents of orphans

The government of Sevastopol will increase the size of payments for the maintenance of children-orphans and children left without parental care for almost a thousand rubles a month. This was announced by the Director of city Department of education Michael Rodikov.

“From 1 January of the current year monthly payments that are set for the maintenance of children-orphans, under guardianship, is 16 thousand 246 roubles. And in 2017 families on the maintenance of one child  were paid 15 thousand 283 rubles”, –press-service of the government quotes the words of Rodikov. In addition, after the introduction of the new document in force a monthly remuneration for an adoptive parent for one child will be 7 thousand 800 roubles (last year — 7 thousand 500 rubles), for two children – 10 920 thousand rubles (in 2017 they received 10 thousand 500 rubles). Payments for three children will be amounted to 12 thousand 480 roubles (in 2017 – 12 thousand rubles).

Also the monthly remuneration for an adoptive parent for the upbringing of a disabled child will be increased on 70%. For this purpose, there are more than 145 million rubles in the budget of 2018. According to the government, today there are  640 children in foster families, including 123 children in 60 adoptive families in Sevastopol.


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