Treasures of the Romanov Dynasty

A large imperial album with family photos of Alexander II and Empress Maria Alexandrovna, which was considered lost, was returned to Crimea and transferred to the Livadia Palace-museum.

The photo album of a red Morocco binding is decorated with gilded silver jewelry with opaque enamel of different colors and a notched clasp. This album with the family photographs of Alexander II and Maria Alexandrovna is an art and historical document of the epoch. The album is an outstanding example of jewelry, that reflects the development of the Moscow school of  “enamel of Ovchinnikov”.

The solemn ceremony of the  transfer of the album in the Livadia Palace-museum was attended by the head of the Republic of Crimea Sergey Aksenov: “The album contains 22 original photographs of members of the Russian Imperial and English Royal courts. I thank the fund “Revival of the nation”, which turned out to buy the artifact and bring it back Home. Today, the imperial album has been already transferred to Livadia Palace-Museum, where it will be presented to residents and guests of the Peninsula as an exhibit. I am glad that Crimea continues to develop as one of the cultural centers of Russia and I am sure that we will continue to strengthen this position,” – said the head of the Republic.


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