Crimea through the yellow-blue glasses of Poroshenko

The Deputy head of the state Duma Committee on affairs of nationalities Ruslan Balbec is ready to send to the President of Ukraine Petr Poroshenko the data of the last population census in Crimea to thwart any attempts of the historical falsification of a large-scale. He stated to RIA Novosti.

Previously Poroshenko, in one of his posts about the situation in Crimea, did not mention that on the peninsula live Russian people. Poroshenko wrote on his page in Facebook that “the current situation in Crimea is the pain not only of the Ukrainian, Crimean-Tatar people and other nations living on the peninsula”. “Poroshenko looks to the Peninsula only through “the yellow-blue” Ukrainian glasses, apparently not knowing how many people live in Crimea. Russians, Italians, Greeks, Germans, Jews, Krymchaks and Karaimes, and many others are deliberately not included in this optical video. We are ready to send to the President of Ukraine valuable parcel data of the last population census in the Crimea in order to stop speculation on the national topic and the attempts of the Ukrainian authorities to move to a historical falsification of a large-scale,” said Balbec to RIA Novosti.

According to him, even the census in the Crimea, which were conducted in the Ukraine showed that about 70% living on the peninsula are Russian. The last census in Crimea was held from 14 to 25 October 2014. According to its account,  1 million 889 thousand people live in the republic, in Sevastopol — 395 thousand people. The most numerous national groups living on the territory of the Crimean Peninsula are Russian — 1.49 million people, or 68% of citizens who had indicated their nationality. In the second place there are the Ukrainians — 344,5 thousand people (15,7%), in the third  – the Crimean Tatars — 277,3 (12.6 per cent). In general Crimea is home to 175 nationalities.


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