Goebbels will estimate: Germans in process of preparing for Putin’s elections. With fear

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It becomes obvious that practically in all big countries a machine on pouring with dirt the whole country works on all pairs. The name of the country even does not have to be announced. In some spheres of life, the “world community” is afraid even to mention its name, so strong are hatred against and fear for this country. Then, the closer we get to the presidential election, the more absurd it looks like a stupid lie. However, advertisers have long cracked the human brain: when a person notices the advertising slogan for 7 times, the latter becomes part of its conceptual apparatus and does not leave the brain. Thus, a lie repeated thousands of times becomes true for billions of people.

There is a country called Germany. This country is connected with our Russian world by many threads, white and black, but certainly very strong. Catherine the Great, a girl from Angalt-Zerbst, brought Russia into the list of the great European powers – this is a white thread. Adolf Hitler, fire-breathing dragon, for the pacification of which the Russian world has paid an exorbitant price – this is a black and bloody thread. Now many factors connects two countries, their closeness is based on the friendship of our president and their former chancellor. I remember how we, youth commissioners, were sitting in the office of our president and waiting for him to talk on the phone with Schroeder, and he was speaking warmly and with a smile, though in German.

Now, in the process of the fall of common sense policy, Germany, which has become just a belonging of the American owners, occupies a leading position in the demonization of the Russian and the Russian state itself. In the face of an authoritarian censorship, when the video of thousands antichancellory meetings are being removed from youtube, brains of ordinary Germans are being traditionally handled by the German propaganda, creating by its terrifying Freudian exaggeration the image of the tyrant Vladimir P.

In December, I had a chance to visit Bavaria – the capital of the richest region of Germany – Munich. I must confess that it is usually difficult for me to stay in Europe more than three or four days and I feel a need of the Russian language and smiling, clear, and free in their Russian wideness of the soul people.

While switching free TV channels in the Munich apartment of friends, I came across a channel with the familiar letters “ntv”. According to the content, it turned out to be similar to the Russian “NTV” – the same documentaries, the same analytical programs. As it turned out later, “ntv” in fact has nothing in common with “NTV”, that is why about the first one it is worth to tell something suddenly interesting.

“Not only Canada yet”

NTV is a specialized information and news channel, a part of the RTL Group (Luxembourg media holding, which controls 54 channels and 32 radio stations in 11 countries), which, in turn, is controlled by the German company “Bertelsmann” (international media concern, owns in Russia among other assets Yaroslavl printing plant and 30% of the shares of the TV channel “Ren TV”). The company “Bertelsmann” collaborated with the Nazis and  was funded by the Waffen-SS and used the labor of Jewish prisoners. The channel is certainly interesting, isn’t it?

Nazi’s “coming out” of the company happened to be the director’s of concern “Bertelsmann” son, sympathetic to the Third Reich, who with the relish of a Nazi allowed to publish information on the funding of his father’s company of the Waffen SS.

I have succeed in watching an interesting documentary on the channel “ntv”. However, it was not about German history, nor of German culture, fading under the onslaught of the Muslims, and even not about the beastly popular German festival “Oktoberfest”.

The film was called “Die ganze wahrheit-Wladimir Putin”, that can be translated as “the whole truth about Vladimir Putin.” No more, nor less! The picture at the bottom of the TV was an icon of the channel “ntv”, and on top – quite unexpectedly – there was the logo of National Geographic (the American channel that broadcasts popular science films produced by the USA National geographic society). All these strange metamorphoses represent a complicated intersection in a documentary about Putin between the United States, Germany and even the Third Reich – that was met with some mixed feelings.

Anyway, last time there have been being created very often information products vilifying Russia in Europe. European producers especially like to give publicity to the works of Russian, offended by Russia. For example, a few years ago there was published the book of the Russian opposition figure S. Belkovsky in Germany “Wladimir: Die ganze Wahrheit über Putin” (“Vladimir: the whole truth about Putin”). It is amazing how many people know the “truth” about Putin!

Belkovsky’s book on Putin for the German reader with a cover that inspires horror

An abstract of the book on the German resources contains the following words: “It depicts an angler, diver, pilot, macho and womanizer… In fact, he is secretive and not clear.

Is he really the father of the nation? The enlightener who opened the door to a brighter future? Or, rather, the “Kremlin tyrant”, that is about to destroy the young Russian democracy? »

And these are some quotes of the author after which everything will become absolutely clear:

“Very easy — Bahrain, the fifth fleet of the United States, does a tactical nuclear strike. This can be done in two seconds. The Black sea fleet disappears, and at this moment all the brains are taking their own place”

“Putin by declaring war to the West, has cut himself off from the Western medicine. And every patient from the elite of modern Russia is well aware that the treatment in Russia is not necessary. Treatment in Russia is for suckers, for the population. You can be properly treated only in the West”

I think there is nothing to comment here. Let’s turn back to the German film.

The guys not from our hood

I propose you an experiment. I’m not going to tell you what they say in the movie (where everything is familiar: Wladimir eats babies and in the afternoon drinks the blood of the opposition from a crystal glasses in a form of Merkel’s skull), we will just look at everyone who has made this film: the speakers, the so-called “experts of Putin”, putinologists, “respected” people in Russia, “representatives of the people”, citizens who “fought with the tyrant face to face”, who as a result have fled to the West to tell about their feelings on friendlies. In fact, these are individuals who have built their career on hatred for their own country, on the vomiting “love-dislike” for Putin, who have connected with his personality their life, comparable to the Pug without its Elephant – they are just ordinary psychic specks. Recently, many people, and even countries, have been succeeding in turning out to get stronger on the russophobia. However, this story is for another article.

For the current article there is another one. There was a group of boys that the whole school called a “schmuck” (at my school). They were from different classes, even from different parallels, but they were united by one common feature – classmates constantly were beating them. There was always an object of ridicule and teasing in each class. Moreover, these objects suddenly formed a separate group; they used to pass all the intervals unanimously in this “schmucking gang”, to talk about something, to discuss common affairs and even to joke over each other.

So and this German (or American?) film was attended by people who, by the will of the fate, fell into the trap of russophobia, being disrespectful at home, but gathered together, in a single fit of a gallant hatred for Russia and Putin.

Heroes who are not from our time

Let’s start with the most recognizable of them.

  1. Nadezhda Tolokonnikova.

The participant of the American diversionary project “Pussy Riot”, formed on the base of the technology of the «Overton Window» that has been called upon to radicalize attacks on traditional Russian values. We are not going to speak a lot about it as everyone remembers “rock prayer” in the temple, executed by Tolokonnikova together with her “colleagues”. For this action the girls were arrested for 2 years.

N. Tolokonnikova’s “enlightened face” of the “singer” and a fighter against the regime in the film

Throughout watching this documentary, I was tormented by one question – why Tolokonnikova was made sit in front of the piano, against the background of a classical concert hall? The authors of the film did want to make a false image of an intelligent, academic, actress and musician, didn’t they? After all the whole Russia knows this girl in some another way – on the 8-th month of pregnancy standing in a knee-elbow position, in a biological museum, with a skinny guy behind her. It was an orgy of students of the faculty of philosophy of MSU, which in such way “protested” against the authorities among the dozen of pairs.

Animal beginning of the protest with N. Tolokonnikova
  1. William Browder.

The head of the Fund “Hermitage Capital”, adored by the domestic opposition and Western anti-Russian circles, sentenced in absentia by the Russian court to nine years in prison for tax fraud, wanted and appearing in a number of other criminal cases of serious crimes. This is the same man who, cynically using the death in jail of his accountant and co-defendant in the tax fraud Magnitsky, by outright lie, falsification of documents and manipulation of the facts lobbied for the adoption of anti-Russian laws, which replaced the infamous amendment “Jackson-Vanik” and it is known as the “Magnitsky Act”.

  1. John Simpson.

Editor of world famous BBC news, the man who several times as a journalist asked questions to Vladimir Putin. His personality is contradictory, he changes the direction of his statements like a ski slalom. Here are some John “talking” quotes.

“During the years of Putin’s rule in Russia there has happened extremely unpleasant and frightening events – from the war in Chechnya and the de facto occupation of Crimea and Eastern Ukraine to the murder of Boris Nemtsov and Alexander Litvinenko among others»

Thus John, in his article, urges Britons to visit the Crimea in defiance of international sanctions:

“There are moments in international affairs when clouds are scattered and the sun illuminates a place that has been in darkness for years. So they recently went away from the magical island of Crimea, and my advice: take advantage of this»

But the opinion of John about Putin is predictable:

“If there had been a Nobel prize for political maneuvering, Putin would have earned it»

John Simpson is interviewing Margaret Thatcher
  1. Gleb Pavlovsky

The political scientist, the strategist, the author of the once popular “NTV” program “Real policy”. He consulted Yeltsin, Putin, Medvedev. He was a co-author of the project of the youth movement “Nashi”, worked in conjunction with Vladislav Surkov. After Pavlovsky’s collapse on Putin’s return to power after Medvedev, he has changed his rhetoric to opposition, reaching out to participate in protest rallies “for fair elections” and “march of millions” against Putin’s return to the presidency.

He is sarcastically criticizing Putin’s message to the Federal Assembly in 2018: “Putin’s message, of course, his personal PR action, with the classic mistake of Amateurs-confused addressing”; “Putin’s Message is a tactic of a Gypsy on the station: gild my hand or I will spit. Yes, you can spit, but the world war will not begin”.

Recently, Pavlovsky often has been commenting on the situation in Russia for the Western media, predicting the collapse of democratic values and comparing Putin with the “madman” Secretary General Stalin.

  1. Zhanna Nemtsova.

The journalist of the German edition “Deutsche Welle”. Lives in Bonn, Germany. She claims to be far from politics. She leads the author’s program “Nemtsova. Interview” on “DW”.

I will cite the names of several of her programs: “Patriarch Filaret: Putin does not live by faith, he is a new Cain”, “Navalny: there is no Putin’s majority”, “Navalny: There is a right to revolt against the tyrannical regime.” She likes to tell that her father, Boris Nemtsov, was a close friend of Margaret Thatcher.

In an interview to the magazine “Nizhny Novogorod” Jeanne called the murder of his father “state” at least because one of the performers at the time was a soldier of the Russian MFA. Moreover, arguing about the possible success of his father in the elections, she concluded: «My father would have refused the presidency in favor of Navalny.”

On May 27, 2015, that is exactly three months after the murder of his father: she acted in Berlin with the so-called “speech for freedom” at the invitation of the German Foundation of Friedrich Nauman, gravitating to the liberal free democratic party (FDP). Zhanna Nemtsova devoted a significant part of her speech to propaganda of the state media, which she called “a weapon of mass destruction of Russian brains”. In particular, Nemtsova condemned, in her opinion, the information campaign of the Russian media against Ukraine, “the spread of archaic, chauvinistic, clerical, xenophobic and imperial ideology”, the creation of the image of the enemy in the face of the United States and the cult of the personality of the president Putin.

In July 2015 (probably for “speech for freedom”) Nemtsova won the “solidarity” award for “promotion of democracy and civil liberties”. In 2016, she released the book “Awaken Russia.” In the same year she became the winner of the annual international women’s prize of the US Secretary of state “for courage” (US State Department).

Two daddy’s girls M. J. Gaidar and Nemtsova in Ukrainian embroidered shirts in Kiev
  1. Leon Panetta.

The Minister of defense, former director of the Central Intelligence Agency.

Leon is the brightest representative of our overseas “partners”. His rhetoric towards Russia and the president has always been unambiguous.

“If you don’t act tough with Putin, he will profit from it. I believe for this reason that it is very important for the US to make it clear to them that there are borders that he (Putin) could not cross»

In an interview to the German magazine “Der Spiegel” Panetta, without thinking about the expressions, exclaimed: “as for Russia, we had a constant and good communication with president Dmitry Medvedev. When Putin became president again, it soon felt as if the Ice Curtain had fallen. Our communication has decreased. And today we are paying the price.

He seems to be a classic man of the security services. He seeks to strengthen Russia’s influence, especially in the former soviet republics. He wants to keep them from joining NATO and to avoid cooperation with the European Union. He is now sowing the seeds of a new Cold War. The US and its Western partners must make clear that they will not let him get away with it. If life has taught me something, it is that you can negotiate with the Russians only from a position of strength. If they understand that their enemy is weak, they will continue to use it. »

This smiling man only seems to be like a funny ice-cream seller with a funny nose-potato. In fact, Panetta is a worthy successor of the antihuman concept of Zbigniew Brzezinski. For example, such a quote illustrates the universal ambitions of star-striped officials: “the US probably does not have enough credibility to explain to people in the Islamic world what it is stated in the Koran. This should be done by people in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia or Jordan.” That is, they believe that they have the right to explain the Koran to Muslims! It is a real masterpiece!

  1. Masha Gessen

The founder of the first Russian LGBT community. Lives in the USA. Masha’s first wife Svenja Generalova, the activist of public organizations of gays and lesbians. Masha’s second wife Daria Oreshkina, candidate of geographical sciences. All marriages were concluded in the United States. She is raising three children: Dylan, Senya, Tree.

She was editor of many well-known publications in Russia, but did not stay long in any chair. The most vivid post that she had lost was after she had been fired from the magazine “Snob”. Maria’s editorial activity in this magazine ended with a big scandal, when all 25 journalists accused her of propaganda of homosexuality and anti-Russian ideology.

She wrote several books: “The Man without a face: the incredible rise of Vladimir Putin and “Words will destroy the cement: the passion of Pussy Riot”.

In 2017 she was awarded the U.S. national book award for the book “The Future is History: How Totalitarianism Reclaimed Russia”.

The position in life of Maria Alexandrovna fits in her most memorable statement: “Fighting for gay marriage generally involves lying about what we’ll do with marriage, when you get what we want — because we lie that the institution of marriage will not change, and it’s a lie. The institution of marriage will be changed and must be changed. Again, I don’t think it should exist.…»

Again, the authors of the film by the effects overplay a reality that is very, very prosaic and merciless:

  1. Viktor Yushchenko

The Western media, whose owners in the game against Russia play the Ukrainian card, could not but use the voice of this country. That is why in the production-feature film appears the former president of the orange Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko.

In the film he talks about how Wladimir had almost personally poured into him the poison, which led to a loss of face.

Let me remind you how this Ukrainian president is remembered.

In 2008, he signed a decree celebrating the 350th anniversary of the battle of Konotop (1659). The Konotop battle in the rewritten history of Ukraine was not only the main, but also the only battle in the so-called “Ukrainian-Russian” or “Ukrainian-Moscow war”.

In the field of foreign policy the course of rapprochement with NATO and the European Union, with further accession to these organizations was announced as the main direction.

The basis of the ideological policies of president Yushchenko actually was the theme of the Holodomor — the mass starvation in 1932-33 in Ukraine. The monuments to the victims of famine, museums and exhibitions dedicated to the tragedy of the 1930s were opened all over Ukraine. Yushchenko’s opponents claimed that the Holodomor became for the president nearly a national idea around which he tried to unite the nation.

In 2006, on the 64th anniversary of the UPA, Viktor Yushchenko signed a decree “on comprehensive study and objective coverage of the activities of the Ukrainian liberation movement and assistance to the process of national reconciliation”, in which he demanded the government to develop a bill giving a special status to OUN-UPA veterans, and from the Ministry of Education and Science to popularize the history of the UPA as the Ukrainian national liberation movement, organize the production of literature, popular science films and programs about the participation of Ukrainians in the World War II, “to cover comprehensively and objectively in the educational process” the activities of organizations such as OUN-UPA, Ukrainian liberation organization and others.

In 2007, thanks to the presidential decree Roman Shukhevich was awarded the honorary title of “Hero of Ukraine” by his outstanding personal contribution to the national liberation struggle for freedom and independence of Ukraine and in connection with the 100th anniversary of the birth and 65th anniversary of the Ukrainian rebel army. One of the last of Yushchenko’s decrees on 29 Jan 2010 was to recognize members of the Ukrainian insurgent army (UPA) as fighters for Ukraine’s independence.

Poisoning at the same in 2004 of the presidential candidate Viktor Yushchenko was falsified, as it was claimed by the head of the Department for supervision over the investigation of criminal cases by investigators by the General prosecutor Larysa Cherednichenko. Investigators could not receive from Yushchenko even the analysis of blood for examination.

Moreover, the most high-profile case with Viktor Yushchenko was the supply of Ukrainian weapons to Georgia during the Georgian-Ossetian conflict. At Yushchenko’s personal order, the missile systems supplied by Saakashvili were removed from combat duty. The head of the Commission the deputy from the Party of regions Valery Konovalyuk asked the sum of 3 billion dollars for which the weapon was sold. According to him, to the state budget there was transferred the sum in 12 times less.

  1. Robert Gates

The former director of the Central Intelligence, former US Secretary of defense. During the Cold War with the Soviet Union, Gates has worked shoulder to shoulder with Zbigniew Brzezinski.

Gates in the majority of the interviews echoes to his colleague on the post in the Ministry of Defence of the USA Leon Panetta (number 6 in our list) and it looks like as if he translates the same trited training manual of Brzezinski: «Putin seeks to revive global power and influence of Russia and also to pull back to Russia’s orbit those independent countries that once were part of the Soviet Union»

In an interview for the «Wall street journal», Gates was categorical in relation to Putin:

«His worldview is very different from the views of European and American leaders. He does not share their respect for international law and for the inviolability of borders, which the West believes can be only changed through negotiations in accordance with the norms of justice and the requirements of the law. He does not care about human and political rights»

«First, we must let Putin know that he has gone too far, that we will not tolerate his intrusiveness and that there will be consequences»

As the Director of the CIA, Robert Gates during his visit to Moscow in October 1992, having had passed the Red Square by the parade step in front of the cameras of TV reporters, he said: “Here, on the square, near the Kremlin and the Mausoleum, I commit a single victory parade” (in the Cold War). This story was shown only on the Western television. This case characterizes the character described in a certain way. In which way – each reader could decide for himself.

  1. Platon Antoniou or just Plato.

English photographer of Greek origin. He became known in Russia in 2007 thanks to the magazine “Time” which placed on its cover the photo of V. Putin made by him. The world liberal community picked up this photo and immediately began to use it for its usual purposes – demonization of the president’s personality – Putin’s face from the picture was redrawn, cut, placed on their posters by the human rights defenders and LGBT activists.

Here, for example, are the words of the British historian Daniel Bir: «To look to the face of Vladimir Putin on the portrait of 2007 by Plato Antoniou is like looking into the muzzle of a loaded gun. Sitting on the throne in the middle of a recently opened exhibition of photo portraits in the London National portrait gallery, the Prime Minister and former president of Russia gives the impression of a strong coldness, more deathly than all the fabrications of the creators of Bondiana»

Plato himself is not able to express adequately his own position on the Putin’s personality. In the Russian segment of the Internet one can see in major part his emotions from arriving in Moscow for the photo session.

“I probably hadn’t had a harder task. I took pictures of Putin for the cover of Time magazine, which named him “man of the year”.

Two hours I stood on the terrible cold, while people from the KGB were shaking all my equipment. There were several dozens of them plus some quantity of snipers on the perimeter.

Finally we were allowed to enter inside, to the country of Putin. Eight hours and a half I remained fretting in the waiting room, where my stay was brightened by the Kremlin tea, KGB cakes and sandwiches, which were, I confess, a little dried up.

(When Putin agreed to pose) I suddenly realized: that is all, he is mine. All expelled from the office, there were only Putin, I and those 20 from KGB and the Kremlin, bodyguard.

I asked him: “What’s your favorite song of the Beatles?” He replied, ‘Yesterday’. And at this point, my naivety and extreme overexcitation probably affected me — I put my arm around his shoulder and said: “You are a cool man.” All these KGB agents simply numbed with horror. I figured it out. I entered into his soul. I realized that everything would work out.

On the English “Wikipedia” in Plato’s short biography, the episode with the Putin’s photo seems to be the key in his career.

To sum up

It must be emphasized that this propaganda film has appeared on the screens of Europeans a few weeks before the election campaign for the post of the president of Russia. What relation does the European audience of RTL holding have to the elections in Russia? The most direct. Ordinary citizens – the main object of the Western propaganda, the purpose of which is to erect an updated “Iron Curtain 2.0” (the cliche “Iron Curtain” was put into circulation by Churchill in 1946 during the Declaration of the Cold War to the USSR) around the borders of Russia, around the values of the Russian world. A new Iron Curtain is the dividing line between Gayropa and the institution of the family, between consumerism and creativity, tolerance and respect, juvenile justice and traditional education.

The authors of the film only allegedly have given the floor to representatives of the oppressed Russian opposition, who always have something to say against their country. Traitors have always been and always will be. A lie is always in value, especially when it is put in the mouth of Jude. The Roman historian Publius Cornelius Tacitus said, “Traitors are despised even by those whom they have rendered service.” We, analyzing the Great Patriotic war, have realized that the police officers had been eventually shot by their employers. However, nor experience, nor wise remarks do not save from betrayal for an unknown reason.

Also it is worth noting the creative approach of the directors of the film. The dramatic shots in which the characters in the film thoughtfully looked sideways or looked at the camera with frozen tears in the eyes, while light and shade were floating on the face were strong and comical directing of the progress were. Particularly shameful seemed to be a solid and renowned political analyst Gleb Pavlovsky. The directors put into the stories of tyrant or photos of opposition rallies or took a close-up of the eyes or the nose of Putin. All these manipulations and tricks were supposed to bring the usual reporting to the status of a cinematic product, designed, apparently, to erase in the minds of pliable German viewers the line between documentary and feature films.

We could not find this movie in the vast space of the Western Internet– it has been already removed. If someone of the readers find the video, please share in the comments a link to the source.


Let’s keep silence about the content of the film. All our attention we should devote to our actors. Objectively assessing the achievements of the heroes of the “National geographic” documentary film about the Russian president, we can say with confidence that they have built their careers on criticism of Vladimir Putin and thanks to the possibility, if not to the freedom of statements of their opinion in the mass-media. Such  “experts” on Putin, most of whom saw him personally only a couple of times, posing in front of the camera, making serious faces, performing and retransmitting the information that American directors and customers contribute in their puppet mouths of the video about the terrible Putin, of which the Germans must be afraid, if they are not afraid yet.

History repeats itself; Russian Liberation Army will always be in price and especially in the struggle against the United States for the territory of the Eurasian continent. All this will last until the dollar bubble bursts. This is obviously only a matter of time…

Mokey Rusinov
specially for “Crimea Insider”

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