Analyst: Kiev can’t not recognize that Crimean Bridge however exists

The deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine offered to take away from Russia the bridge over the Kerch Strait as a “contribution”. The political analyst Vladislav GULEVICH explained the reasons of such ideas in the radio’s Sputnik broadcast .

Russia should pass the bridge over the Kerch Strait as compensation for the “occupation” of Crimea. That was declared by the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and leader of the “Crimean Tatar Majilis” Refat CHUBAROV.

“The bridge is a part of the great contribution to the repayment of the damage caused by Russia to Ukraine”, said the parliamentarian famous for his own anti-Russian attacks in the interview to the internet edition of the “Observer”.

According to CHUBAROV it is necessary to form an international consortium for exploitation of the bridge to which Russia would pass the construction.

Moreover, the head of the Majilis suggested to follow all who comes to the peninsula and at least to express them in public notice for “illegal actions”. CHUBAROV told also that imposition of sanctions on the people visiting Crimea is already being discussed by “some law-enforcement structures”.

The political analyst, publicist Vladislav GULEVICH in the radio’s Sputnik broadcast expressed his opinion that it is obviously difficult for Ukrainian politicians to subdue to the reality.

“Firstly Ukraine used to say that there would be no bridge over the Kerch Strait. Then they stated that the bridge has been already constructed but was going to collapse: the tectonic plates under it would definitely separate and it would fall down into the sea. Now Ukraine is forced to recognize that the bridge was built and the plates beneath it hadn’t separate, and Ukraine even wants to get the bridge into its property”, said Vladislav GULEVICH .

According to him, now, when the bridge is already built the Ukrainian politicians again try to give wishful thinking.

“Of course, statements about obligatory pass of the bridge from Russia to Ukraine as a contribution are not more than just a sort of populism for the interior public in order to help to the present authorities to maintain their renome as it was like doing all it can to defend interests of Ukraine on the international scene. Naturally, it is not true as Ukraine depends practically from the West. Such statements are made also for attraction of international community’s attention to the Crimea’s problem. But I think that the international community understands by itself that Crimea will never return to Ukraine”, said Vladislav GULEVICH.

The bridge over the Kerch Strait that will connect Crimea with the Krasnodar Territory will be the longest in Russia – its length will be 19 km. The launch of traffic on the bridge initially had been planned on December of 2018. However, the builders have declared that they were ahead of schedule and were planning to open the traffic just in May.

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