Inauguration of the President of Russia in the Grand Kremlin Palace

The official inauguration ceremony of Vladimir Putin as President of Russia took place at noon on may 7 in the Grand Kremlin Palace. It was the fourth inauguration of Putin.

In tradition, the ceremony was held in St Andrew’s hall of the Grand Kremlin Palace in Moscow.

The inauguration ceremony began with the solemn introduction into the hall of the state flag of Russia and the presidential standard, the Constitution of Russia and the sign of the President of Russia.

The attributes of the President in St Andrew’s hall were brought by the soldiers of the Presidential regiment

Still at 11:50 Putin was sitting at the table in his study, then he passed through corridors of the Senate case and reached the building of the Grand Kremlin Palace.

Russian TV channels broadcasted the ceremony in live format.

The new Russian limousine project “Cortege” was used for the first time at the inauguration of the President. Putin reached the Grand Kremlin Palace by car with the number B776US77. Earlier, the head of state used Mercedes.

In the terms of the project “Cortege”, which was launched in February 2014, it is planned to create a limousine, SUV, sedan and minivan designed for the top officials of the state. The project is FSUE “Central scientific research automobile and engine Institute” (NAMI), it’s production partner is a company Sollers.

5 thousand people were invited to the ceremony, including deputies of the State Duma, members of the government and the Federation Council, judges of the Constitutional court, public figures and clergy.

In the course of elections held in March, Vladimir Putin scored 76.69% with a turnout of 67.54% of the total number of voters.

Putin for the fourth time took a post of the President of Russia.
He held this post in 2000-2008, then headed the government for four years and in 2012 became President again.

“We need breakthroughs in all areas of life. I am deeply convinced that such a breakthrough could be provided only in a free society that accepts everything new and advanced and rejects injustice, inertia, intense conservatism and bureaucratic carrion,” said Putin after the inauguration.

“All that restrains prevent people to fully open up, realize themselves, their talents, and therefore limit the aspiration to the future of our country”, he added.

Putin also thanked the Russians for the high level of support in the elections and said that his fourth presidential term is going to be devoted to “serving people and the Fatherland.” “In this support, faith and I hope that Russia will continue to strengthen its power, and people will live better,” he said.

American actor and movie producer Steven Seagal was invited ay the inauguration of the Russian president Vladimir Putin. According to “Interfaks” the actor, who had received Russian citizenship, arrived at the ceremony with his wife.

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