About us

The issue “Crimea Insider” is specialized in operational news, publishing relevant information and analytical materials about life of the Russian citizens of the Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol. The articles of the edition cover current civil, political, cultural, event and infrastructural situation in the Peninsula of Crimea.

Target audience — citizens of the world, who are interested in current and accurate information about the life of the Crimean Peninsula, firsthand information from journalists living in the territory of Crimea, who has shared with it their own destiny. Many journalists of various Crimean mass media, information of which is published under each article, write the articles of the issue «Crimea Insider».

The reference to the issue is obligatory in case of full or partial use of materials. The content published with reference to third-party edition or agency, must not be used without their written consent. The editorial opinion may not coincide with the opinion of the authors.

The issue “Crimea Insider” is not affiliated with any political party, government agency or natural person.

For cooperation, please write to the editorial address info@crimins.ru.


Editor-in-chief – Mokey Rusinov

Head of English translation direction – Anna Koskova

Technical Director – Maksim Lomov

Program Director – Pavel Tabatchikov

Lawyer – Maxim Borzakov